How much is a gas boiler service and how do I pay for this?

You can book and prepay online, pay via monthly instalments or via your Services bill.

We offer a full range of gas boiler services from a standard service with Complete Boiler Care at €119, to 365 Boiler Care at €199 which includes a standard service with the added benefit of labour and parts cover up to €1200 in a contract year. To see our full range of gas boiler service offers, visit our Services section online.

The €119 for Complete Boiler Care covers the first 45 minutes on site. A charge of €25 for each additional 15 minutes of labour applies thereafter not including the price for parts if required. 

In all cases the Service Engineer will advise what parts are required. These may be carried in the van as part of general stock and will be fitted with your agreement - however, please appreciate that they can't carry all parts as the range of appliance types and models is too extensive. 

If necessary, the Service Engineer will order the part(s) and call at a later date to fit the necessary part(s). In this instance, you'll be charged for the cost of the part and the time (labour) it takes to fit the part(s). You won't be charged a second call-out charge. The total cost of the Gas Boiler Service will be charged up front or to your Services account unless you book online where you can pay upfront using your bank card or monthly by Direct Debit.

How to Pay: The cost of the gas boiler service can be paid by the following methods: prepayment by debit or credit card, monthly direct debit instalments or via your Services bill*.

*Please note that payment via the Services bill will need to be submitted by the due date set out.