I am moving home, how do I transfer my existing account?

We understand that moving property can be a stressful time, so to try and avoid delays for you, we've listed what information you'll need to provide us with. To get your account set up for your new home, we'll first need to close your existing account.

You can contact us to request this and provide us with the information outlined below.

Information you must provide when closing your existing account:

  • A meter reading*
    This ensures that you're only billed for the consumption you used up to the point of leaving the premise. For help with reading your meter, see How do I read my meter?
  • Contact details for the landlord or the new occupier
    By providing us with this information, this will help minimise the risk of meter disconnection.
  • Forwarding address for your final bill
    This ensures that your final bill and any other final correspondence relating to your closed account reaches you directly.
    This number is located on the top right-hand corner of your bill.
  • Account number
    This number can also be found on your bill.

When you contact us in relation to closing your existing account, you can also request to have a new account set up for your new home. You'll need to provide us with the below information. 

Information to provide us with to set up your new account for your new home:

  • Address for your new home
  • A meter reading*

We'll be able to determine what tariffs are available at your new home when you contact us. This will depend on whether there is a smart meter installed at your new home.

*If you're unable to provide us with a meter reading, our customer service agents can provide you with an estimate reading to close your account. The estimated read, while based on historic consumption, may not be as accurate as an actual read. You'll be asked to provide verbal approval before we can use this estimate as your closing read. Please keep in mind that amending closing estimates is at the discretion of the corresponding network company and may not always be approved.

With a smart meter, you may still be required to provide a closing meter reading depending on your Meter Configuration Code (MCC), as shown on the top right-hand corner of your bill.

  • If you have a Meter Configuration Code 12 (MCC12), you're not required to provide a closing meter reading. 
  • If you have a Meter Configuration Code 01 or 16 (MCC01 or MCC16) you'll be required to submit a closing meter reading to us.

If ESB Networks is able to read your meter remotely, this will be used as your closing meter reading.

Please note: If you're a landlord and your tenants have moved out of your property, please let us know. You must sign on to the account for the interim duration until new tenants move into your property, to avoid any risk of disconnection.