I got the error Call Help or Card Fail on my gas meter, what do I do?

Card Fail

If your screen displays "Card Fail”, please purchase a new card at your nearest Payzone outlet.

When a new card is purchased, it must be put into the meter to be initialised before credit can be put onto it.

Card Not Accepted

If the screen displays “Card Not Accepted”, wipe your card with a clean cloth and try again. 

Make sure you're using the correct card for the meter.

Remember, only one card can be registered to an individual meter at any one time.

Call Help

If your screen displays "Call Help”, you must call Gas Networks Ireland at 1800 464 464. 

Note: When you call Gas Networks Ireland for "Call Help" you must be at the meter location and be in a position to read displays off your gas card meter. If you call Gas Networks Ireland and they call out to you but the problem is with your appliances or the gas supply and not your gas card then you may be liable for the Gas Networks Ireland call out charges.