When will I get a smart meter?

ESB Networks commenced the meter replacement programme in Autumn 2019, and will continue until the end of 2024 for certain meter types. Work is being carried out on an area-by-area basis.

From September 2023, ESB Networks will begin a new phase of work, as follows:

  1. To replace day/night meters with smart meters.
  2. ESB Networks will also contact certain Night Storage Heating (NSH) customers to offer a smart meter exchange. This will depend on whether they are using the NSH element of their meter.

ESB Networks will be in contact when they reach your area to notify you when your meter will be replaced. They will also advise whether you need to be present during the replacement (e.g. if your meter is indoors).

Timelines for smart meter exchanges for 3 phase meters are currently being re-planned by ESB Networks. We'll update our website when more information becomes available. 

For more information, see esbnetworks.ie.