Great savings for customers

Helpful tips on reducing your energy usage

There are a number of factors which may have resulted in your bills being higher than usual such as;

  • Higher consumption due to working from home
  • Disruption to meter reading services
  • Change in circumstances i.e. new addition to the family, home improvements

If you're looking for ways to reduce your energy usage and have more control over your bills, we have listed some helpful tips below on what you can do to help reduce the cost of your bills where possible.

We also highly recommend registering for a Bord Gáis Energy online account. This will enhance your ability to control your Bord Gáis Energy account(s) through self-service.


Helpful tips on reducing your energy usage:

Due to the various disruptions of meter reading services since the beginning of the pandemic, this may have resulted in your bills being estimated for quite some time.
We would always encourage our customers to submit meter readings themselves where possible, to improve the accuracy of their bills. You can do so through one of the following options:

  • For gas and/or electricity,  you can sign-in to your online account to submit a meter reading. If you don’t have an online account, you can register
  • You can also submit a read directly to the Network company, Gas Networks Ireland and/or ESB Networks. Please ensure that you have your GPRN/MPRN number to hand

*For all large business customers, your meter will continue to be read remotely.

Remotely working from home has been a new experience for a lot of people and has naturally led to an increase in energy usage for some households.
If you are remotely working from home, you may be entitled to the e-working tax relief. More information on this is available on the Revenue site.

Being energy efficient doesn’t have to mean making big changes all at once. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Everyone, from homeowners/business owners to renters, young or old, can contribute to a more energy efficient home and a better planet for generations to come. 
Check out our handy tips links below for small steps you can take today to save on your energy bills and do your part to help save the planet.

Ensure to keep an eye on our plans page for existing customers, which is regularly updated with offers to ensure that you are availing of the best discount available to you. 

There are also some additional discounts which you can avail of below:

  • Avail of a further 3% discount by choosing paperless billing, learn more
  • For paperless customers, avail of a further 2% discount by choosing Direct Debit, learn more

Servicing your boiler regularly increases efficiency, therefore less gas is used. To book your boiler service or boiler repair online and to find our further information on these services, we have provided the following links:

With our Hive product, you can reduce your energy bills by controlling the energy you use.
Further information on this product and how to avail, can be found here.